Boeing resumes deliveries of 737 Max aircraft

Boeing resumes production of 737 Max planes

Boeing resumes deliveries of 737 Max aircraft

Boeing delivered 26 aircraft to customers in January, including 21 of the 737 Max family, one of the best months since the model’s ban on flights in March 2019..

After two accidents that killed 346 people, the 737 Max was withdrawn out of service in March 2019. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did not lift restrictions until the end of November 2020.

These deliveries are critical for Boeing, which posted record losses in 2020. The company makes most of its money from the sale of aircraft. They are also important for airlines, despite the still weak demand for flights, as new aircraft are more economical than those that will be replaced or scrapped in the future..

Boeing shipments fell 59% last year due to the twin crisis "landing" the 737 Max, and the slump in air travel caused by the pandemic. Airlines that have posted record losses have suspended new aircraft acquisitions, desperate to save cash.

Among Boeing’s 26 deliveries in January, two aircraft accounted for on Alaska Airlines, which became the fourth American airline to have aircraft of this model in its fleet. Alaska Airlines will first launch this model on March 1, and executives say it will bring significant savings to the airline..

«We were looking forward to this day. It was a moment of pride to board our newest 737 aircraft and send it home.», – said the president of Alaska Airlines Ben Minicucci (Ben Minicucci) last month when the planes arrived. Minicucci and other Alaska executives take the first short flight from Boeing’s Washington DC plant to its hub at Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SEA).

«This plane is an important part of our future. We believe in him. We believe in Boeing», – said then Minicucci.

Boeing resumes deliveries of 737 Max aircraft

Alaska expects to receive a total of 13 aircraft this year, providing fuel and maintenance savings of about $ 10 million, and expects to receive 68 aircraft over the next four years. The 737 Max has 28 more seats than the Airbus planes it will replace.

American Airlines became the first American airline to enter flight operations aircraft after the ban is lifted by the regulator. At the moment, the information about the booking does not indicate the unwillingness of passengers to fly on aircraft of this model. But Boeing critics, including some of the families of those killed in plane crashes, argue that the fixes did not make the plane safe and advise people not to fly it..

Boeing resumes deliveries of 737 Max aircraft

Not all Boeing customers can accept shipments as aviation regulators in China and other countries have yet to approve the aircraft to carry passengers.

Boeing also delivered six 737 Max aircraft to Southwest Airlines, the largest fleet in the series, in January, as well as five each from American Airlines and United Airlines. The aircraft manufacturer also delivered two Panamanian Copa Airlines and one Brazilian GOL..

In addition to delivering 21 737 Max aircraft in January, Boeing also delivered two wide-body freighters for FedEx and China Air. and two 777 aircraft of an aircraft leasing company.

Boeing has yet to resume delivery of its 787 Dreamliner, which has been suspended due to quality control issues. The company does not expect these deliveries to resume until next month. This issue makes deliveries of 737 Max aircraft even more critical to the company’s well-being..

Boeing resumes deliveries of 737 Max aircraft

Meanwhile, Boeing had just four new orders for the 747 freighter ordered by Atlas Air in January. But in the same month were canceled three orders for this cargo aircraft, plus two orders for the 737 Max and one order for the 787 Dreamliner.

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