Disney Delays Releases of Mulan, Star Wars, and Avatar

Disney delays ‘Mulan’ indefinitely Star Wars and Avatar movies pushed

Disney Delays Releases of Mulan, Star Wars, and Avatar

Disney is making some significant changes to its release calendar, including postponing the premiere of Mulan indefinitely and postponing the sequel to the popular Star Wars and Avatar franchises by a year..

The company said Thursday that the closure of cinemas and the cessation of film production during the global coronavirus pandemic forced it to make a number of adjustments to its release list..

«Over the past few months, it has become clear that nothing can be 100% guaranteed when it comes to how we release films during this global health crisis, and today this means a suspension of our release plans. “Mulan”, as we assess how we can most effectively convey this film to audiences around the world», – said on Thursday a spokesman for Walt Disney Studios.

Disney Delays Releases of Mulan, Star Wars, and Avatar

release date «Mulan» is currently listed as unidentified, meaning the release of the film has been delayed indefinitely. This is the fourth time since March that a film premiere has been postponed..

The film distributors had the hope that «Mulan» can provoke a late summer rise in the cinema. Sequel «Avatar» will now only debut in theaters in December 2022, and the next film in the saga «star Wars» – in December 2023.

Disney Delays Releases of Mulan, Star Wars, and Avatar

On Thursday, AMC and Cineworld pushed back the opening date of their U.S. cinemas from late July to at least mid-August..

New York and Los Angeles, the two largest markets in the US, have no specific plans to open cinemas.

While cinemas in England were allowed to open from 4 July – subject to social distancing guidelines – the picture in North America is much more uncertain..

In China, the world’s second largest film market, cinemas began reopening this week after closing for six months due to social distancing measures..

One film expert said the delay in release «Mulan» was «hidden blessing» for Disney, given growing tensions between the US and China.

Chris Fenton – book author «Feeding the dragon», dedicated to the power struggle between China and American business, in particular with the help of Hollywood film studios.

Disney Delays Releases of Mulan, Star Wars, and Avatar

«No movie based on Chinese mythology, filmed in China and full of Chinese faces, will be successful in America, given the current state of anti-Chinese sentiment, Fenton said. – And in China, the same would be a symmetrical response due to the hostility towards American-made products, one of which is “Mulan”».

Delayed release «Mulan» Followed by Warner Bros. decision to postpone the August thriller release Christopher Nolan «Tenet». Theater owners have pinned their hopes on these two films to save at least some of the lucrative summer season..

Another Delayed Disney Movie Is A Historical Thriller Ridley Scott «The last duel», in which they starred Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. This premiere has been rescheduled from December this year to October 2021.


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