How Different Countries React To: BLACK FRIDAY (International)

Europe vs. Black Friday

Activists staged protests against an Amazon online store in France on Friday and tried to block a mall in Paris. Protesters condemned rampant consumption.

Europe vs. Black Friday

French companies have adopted the tradition of holding a discount day the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, as it was imported into Europe by Amazon and other retailers. However, there has been backlash, driven in part by environmental concerns..

In Spain, protesters also hung a poster in central Madrid that read: «Consumerism = Climate Crisis».

Several dozen demonstrators gathered at dawn outside the Amazon headquarters in the Clichy district of Paris to stage a sit-in protest outside the front gate. They raised a sign that read: «No Amazon and its world».

Manon Aubry, a leftist member of the European Parliament, said the protest was aimed at «condemn the social, environmental and financial damage from Amazon».

«From the streets to parliament, we continue to fight the impunity of multinationals», – she wrote on Twitter.

A sit-in protest was also held outside an Amazon logistics center near Lyon in eastern France, according to social media posts from Attac, a group campaigning for a more democratic globalization..

A video posted on the Attac network showed the activists being taken away by the police. Protesters in Lyon set up a sign that read: «Amazon … Stop Expansion, Stop Overproduction!».

Amazon France said in an email statement that the company respects the right of people to express their opinions, but this attitude does not apply to aggressive demonstrations in places where people work..

«Demonstrators and Attac Spread False Accusations Based on Facts and Pressure Amazon for Political Purposes», – the message says.

About 40 young demonstrators tried to block the doors of a large shopping center in the La Défense business district in Paris on Friday morning..

Europe vs. Black Friday

The demonstrators, who also gathered outside the shops inside the mall, chanted: «Work, consume and shut up, this is the message to our youth».

«We turn Black Friday into Block Friday, it’s a symbol of capitalism», – said one of the protesters Rafael.

François Mombua, president of the French online retail association Fevad, condemned the protests.

«Black Friday is one of the best selling days of the year and allows us to shop for a longer period of time instead of doing sales between December 10th and 24th. This will not necessarily lead to an increase in consumption», – he told French BFM TV.

French lawmakers on Monday passed a legislative amendment to prohibit misleading consumers through promotions during sales periods, in particular by targeting campaigns «Black friday».

The amendment is part of a new anti-waste law that will push companies to recycle unsold goods. It is not yet clear by what criteria the advertisement will be considered misleading advertising, and how it will be punished for it..

In the text of the amendment «Black Friday» described as «an extensive operation to glorify consumerism imported from the United States».

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