Ford and GM refuse to accept Trump’s fuel policy

President Trump Attacks Ford

Ford and GM refuse to accept Trump’s fuel policy

Donald Trump has harshly criticized automakers. The reason was their reluctance to support the new fuel plan of the presidential administration..

Ford and GM refuse to accept Trump's fuel policy

Most of all went to Ford Motor. Concern is one of only four car manufacturers, along with Honda motor, BMW AG and Volkswagen AG, which reached a voluntary agreement with California on fuel efficiency regulations, challenging Trump and his administration’s efforts to deny the state the right to fight climate change by setting its own standards.

Trump said that company founder Henry Ford would be very disappointed if he saw that his modern descendants want to build a much more expensive car that is less safe and poorly functioning, since the current leaders adopted the California rules..

Ford and GM refuse to accept Trump's fuel policy

The company itself said that they are focusing on actions to protect the environment, as well as protecting the availability of vehicles. According to them, the agreement with California provides regulatory stability while reducing CO2 more than compliance with the Trump plan..

That being said, there is no evidence that current fuel economy regulations can degrade vehicle performance. Environmentalists and many experts from around the world dispute the US president’s assertion that a rule proposed by his administration will increase the safety of vehicles or drastically reduce their price. Experts argue that consumers will save more while lowering fuel costs if they stick to the plan set by Obama.

Ford and GM refuse to accept Trump's fuel policy

White House urged other automakers not to support the California deal, while Democrats called and wrote to automakers urging them to sign the resolution.

Gloria Bergqvist, Spokesperson for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, representing General motors, Toyota Motor, Ford, Volkswagen and others, said companies are looking forward to establishing final rules. «We support raising standards that optimize all priorities, including affordability, so more Americans can buy a new car and keep jobs and safety at the same time», – she said.

GM didn’t endorse the voluntary agreement, arguing it didn’t properly stimulate the production of electric vehicles..

Trump tweeted that the founders of Ford and GM «turned over in the grave» due to the actions of the current leaders.

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