Trump prepares to conquer the moon

WATCH: President Trump announces plan to send NASA back to the moon

Trump prepares to conquer the moon

Trump administration develops legal plan for mining on the moon.

The project will be another attempt to cultivate allies around NASA’s plan to place populated space stations on the Moon over the next decade. The agreement that received the title «Artemis agreement», emerged as the space agency began to play a leading role in the implementation of American foreign policy. The project has not yet been officially presented to the US allies..

Administration Donald Trump and other countries view the Moon as a key strategic asset in outer space. It is essential for long-term scientific research.

Artemis Agreement, named after the new lunar program «Artemis» National Aeronautics and Space Administration, invites «security zones», which will surround future lunar bases to prevent damage or interference from competing countries or companies operating in the immediate vicinity.

In the coming weeks, US officials plan to negotiate agreements with their space partners such as Canada, Japan, European countries, as well as the United Arab Emirates. Trump views them all as «like-minded people», interested in mining resources on the moon.

Russia, which is NASA’s main partner at the International Space Station, will not join the agreement in the first stages, experts say. The main reason for this will be the Pentagon, which is wary of Moscow’s orbital actions..

The United States is a member of the 1967 space treaty and is considering «security zones», as an implementation of one of his discussed articles. It says that the celestial bodies and the moon including «not subject to national appropriation by claiming sovereignty, exclusive use, occupation or by any other means».

According to anonymous sources, security zones, the size of which will vary depending on the scale of the operation, will allow coordination between space actors without technically claiming the territory as a sovereign one..

The Artemis Agreement is part of the Trump administration’s plan to abandon the UN treaty process and instead come to a common denominator with «like-minded», partly because the negotiation process will take too long and working with non-space states will be counterproductive, said a senior Trump administration official.

As nations increasingly view space as a new military realm, the US-led agreement also symbolizes NASA’s growing role as an instrument of American diplomacy and is expected to spark controversy among Washington’s space rivals such as China..

«NASA is a tool for science, technology and discovery that are critical in today’s world, but I think NASA is also a tool for diplomacy.», – said the NASA administrator on Tuesday Jim Bridenstein.

Trump prepares to conquer the moon

NASA is investing tens of billions of dollars in the Artemis program, which aims to land humans on the moon by 2024 and create «sustainable presence» at its south pole there are private companies that extract lunar rocks and groundwater that can be converted into rocket fuel.

In 2015, the United States passed legislation giving companies proprietary rights to the resources they mine in outer space. However, there are no such laws in the international community..

Trump prepares to conquer the moon

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