Trump urged to ban TikTok in the US

President Donald Trump: Looking at banning TikTok or a lot of other options

Trump urged to ban TikTok in the US

White House trade advisor Peter Navarro dubs new TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer a “puppet” serving Chinese businessmen.

Trump urged to ban TikTok in the US

In an interview Fox business Peter Navarro also accused a Chinese app of illegal use of American user data. He expects decisive action from the president Donald Trump on TikTok and other Chinese apps.

TikTok already has been in Washington’s spotlight for several months. The situation escalated last week when the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the government seriously thinking about banning a social network.

Trump administration claims TikTok and other Chinese apps collect personal data from US users and send it to China.

«The American people need to understand that all the data collected by the Chinese mobile apps, which seem so fun and convenient, goes straight to the servers of the Middle Kingdom. As a result, the Chinese military, agencies and members of the Communist Party have all the tools to steal our intellectual property.», – said Navarro.

«These apps can be used to steal personal and financial information, as well as blackmail and extortion.», – he added.

Navarro also mentioned WeChat, popular messenger owned by the tech giant Tencent.

Trump urged to ban TikTok in the US

In his opinion, TikTok and WeChat are serious threats coming from mainland China. Therefore, the presidential administration needs to take decisive action in this direction..

It’s worth noting that TikTok does not work within mainland China. Instead, ByteDance launched a similar product for the local market called Douyin..

In response to Navarro’s comments, a TikTok spokesperson said that protecting the privacy of its users’ data is «special priority» in company policy.

«Our Chief Information Security Officer has decades of industry and US law enforcement experience. TikTok’s parent company is a privately held company backed by several large American investors who hold four of its five board seats.», – told CNBC a spokesman for TikTok.

«The application has been used all over the world for a long time, but, as everyone knows, it is not available in China.. As we have said many times, we have never shared data with the Chinese government and will not do so even if asked to do so.», – he added.

TikTok previously said that US user data is stored on its territory, with a backup in Singapore.. 

Beijing is very sensitive to accusations of espionage and data theft, claiming that all this is slander and provocation..

TikTok is trying to distance itself from its Chinese parent company. For this purpose, ByteDance hired Kevin Mayer, former Disney CEO, as CEO of TikTok. His the priority was to restore the trust of regulators.

But Navarro criticized Mayer’s work, calling him «puppet» and stating that the strategy for appointing a US citizen to the position of CEO of a Chinese social network «won’t work».

He also won’t be happy if TikTok decides to legally secede, making itself an American company..

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